Signature Studios is not your classical film production.

We are a creative production house focused on exploring the meaningful and relatable soul at the heart of every story. With bases in both Berlin and Buenos Aires, we are dedicated to disrupting the “Bildrauschen,” the “Noise,” by prioritizing genuine stories and characters whose humanity defines them. From Icon Strategy, Branded Content, Short Films and Long Formats, our holistic approach ensures that every story is brought to life with a deep connection to its core.

Gerrit Hamann

Gerrit Hamann

Founder & Managing Director


Born and raised in the metropolis of Hildesheim, Germany, with the best European football club Hannover 96 just around the corner, my biggest passion has always been “The Beautiful Game.“ Unfortunately, I wasn’t really good enough (or disciplined enough) to turn pro, but still managed to secure a football (sorry soccer) scholarship in the US.
After two years in McKenzie, Tennessee, another two years in Portland, Oregon, three National Championship appearances, and countless college parties, it was about time I put my university degree into action. I spent over six years at Nike before I decided to start my own creative production house in 2020. You may ask: “Why throw away a successful corporate career to start something new in the midst of a global pandemic?“ Well, for me it was never about the career. I just wanted to tell stories. Stories that go beyond the visual noise. Stories that not only win hearts and minds, but also inspire people to create real change. My wish for the future is to continue giving voice to compelling characters whose profound humanity sets them apart, as well as for Hannover 96 to win the Champions League (duh).