In the remote waters of Patagonia, three like-minded athletes come together to explore and protect our planet’s oceans. Join Marcela Witt, Yago Lange and Dane Wilson for ‘Voices in the Water’ – a journey to one of the last true wildernesses on Earth.
Exploring on both land and sea, the trio visit the region’s fragile coastal ecosystems, confront the vast plastic pollution problem created by the fishing industry, and meet those working to create change at a local and national level. As Marcela notes in the film, “We are so tiny, but it’s in our hands. We did all this. Let’s come
together to make the necessary change.”
For ‘Voices in the Water’, we teamed up with Parley for the Ocean, Rewilding Argentina, Parque Patagonia Azul, Sin Azul no Hay Verde and 11th Hour Racing.
More than just a beautiful travel diary from a remote region, the film is an emotional call-to-arms for our planet and the wild species and spaces we’re impacting with our globalized and interconnected systems.


Marcela Witt
Yago Lange
Dane Wilson

Director / DoP | Juan Fernández Gebauer
Concept / Executive Creative Producer | Camila Péndola
Executive Producer | Gerrit Hamann
Environmental Producer | Yago Lange
Action DoP | Marko Magister
Editor | Martina Matzkin
Grading | Maren Henke
Sound Design | Gastón Ibarroule
Music | Trapalanda – Paula Ramirez, Ignacio Ragone, Matías Gotteli
Graphics | Katharina Schacke
Translators | Sofia Mutert, Camille Ibarroule

Special thanks to:
Parley, 11th Hour Racing, Rewilding Argentina, Parque Patagonia Azul, Sin Azul
No Hay Verde, Diana Friedrich, Lucas Beltramino, Maike Friedrich, Anina Friedrich, Carolina
Pantano, Lucila Massera, Maria Mendizabal, Jonatan Ferrada, Michel Hoffmanns, Michael
Brüning and Facundo Sanchez.